Frequently asked questions

Where is Novo Auto Insurance available?

Currently, Novo is available only in the mighty state of Wisconsin. Join our waiting list so we can keep you in the loop as we roll out states.

What factors impact the price of an auto insurance policy?

A lot of different factors influence a driver’s rate, including vehicle type, driving history, claims history, coverage changes, and many others. We may also consider all the cars in your household as well as everyone’s driving records, your insurance histories, previous claims, and more.

How can I get a Quote?

You can go online at to get a quote or you could call us at 866.862.7757 and one of our amazing Customer Service Reps will guide you. You could also write to and we will contact you.

Will getting a quote affect my credit score?

No, it won't affect your credit score. It is a "soft pull.”

How do I know what my policy covers?

Our policies are customized for you. For more information about your policy, you can review the details about your policy and current coverage from your online account, or through your app. You can also contact us if you want to make any changes to your policy at 866.862.7757

Can I add or remove coverages before purchase or mid-term?

Before purchasing a policy, you’ll be able to adjust the coverages you need as well as choose the deductibles that work for you for each coverage. After you buy a policy, you’ll be able to make changes by calling us at 866.862.7757.

What are some of the discounts that Novo offers?

Novo offers a variety of competitive discounts covering Paid In Full, Good Student Discount, Distant Student Discount, Paperless Discount, E-Signature Discount, Online Quote Discount , Safe Driver Discount, Smart Technology Discount. To get a full understanding of all your discounts provided within your policy, log into your account through your app and view your policy documents. Additionally, call our amazing customer service reps at 866.862.7757 to clarify.

What is a Paid In Full Discount?

Tired of remembering when the next payment is due? Novo offers the ability to Pay in Full before purchase. For any payment method (direct invoice, electronic funds transfer or automatic card payments), a Paid in Full discount is applied to the new business term or the renewal term if the named insured chooses a 1-pay bill plan.

How do I cancel my policy?

Auto policies can't be canceled online, but you may cancel your policy over the phone at 1-866-862-7757, by mail, or via email at .

What is the Usage Based/Telematics Program that is offered at Novo?

Currently, consumers purchasing auto insurance in Wisconsin can opt into the “Novo Telematics Program”. Consumers who participate in this program are agreeing to share information about their driving behavior in exchange for receiving a “New Business Participation Discount”. At renewal, the rates provided in their insurance quote will take into account the driver’s driving behavior based on information collected during the prior 6-month period.

What happens when I opt-in?

Once you opt-in to the telematics program, you will receive a welcome email, application, and information regarding your participation in the program. The Novo Telematics Program allows you to share information about your driving behavior with us. Our use of this information is described in the Telematics Policy. As a participant, you will be given a “New Business Discount” during your initial policy period in which you participate. For renewals, the price you are quoted will take into account your driving behavior during the prior 6-month period and may enable you to receive additional discounts for good driving behavior.

Can I opt-out of the Telematics Program during the policy period?

Yes, you can. The primary insured may opt out of the program anytime during the tenure of the  policy.

What phones is the app compatible with?

The Novo app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. For the best experience, you may need to download the latest software update to your phone.”


How can I monitor my claims status?

You can call our claims team at 866.862.7757 or write at and the first available team member can provide an update.

How do I file a claim?

You can file a claim by calling 866.862.7757  or email us at  either through the Novo App or through your browser.

Should I file a claim even if its not my fault?

Yes — Please let us know about any claims.

Will my rates go up if I file a claim?

Every policy is unique and personalized, it will be different for each customer and each claim. Contact us at or call us at 866.862.7757 if you have any specific questions.